Golden Raisins

Supplier from Amsterdam - Netherlands

Black, Flame, Thompson, Superior, Red Globe, Crimson and others.

We export top quality dried and dehydrated fruits. Carefully selected Flame Seedless raisins, medium caliber, quality B (according to USDA standards), 2020 harvest, 10 kg boxes. Origin: Chile. We export top quality dried and dehydrated fruits of the following species: Varieties: Black, Flame, Thompson Superior, Crimson, Golden medium, Red Globe, Golden. USDA Certifications.

BLACK RAISINS, GOLDEN RAISINS, PLUM WITHOUT STONE AND PITLES, WALNUTS IN SHELL AND WITHOUT SHELL, ALMONDS WITHOUT SHELL AND LAMINATED. We can also ship MIX containers. You can place your order according to your requirements, we will gladly make your Cif quote.

All our products have been selected by our team, harvested by local producers in the rich climatic conditions of Chile and processed under the strictest quality control procedures in accordance with the highest international standards. Each of our varieties are a true reflection of our teamwork to provide you with the best dried and dehydrated fruits.

Broken Proportion : 0.01% Crop Type : Natural Variety : Dry Packing Method : Minimum Order 1 container, We can send MIX Delivery : 2 weeks Samples : Yes, Ask us.

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