Non-Gmo Soybean

Supplier from Amsterdam - Netherlands


Origin - Brazil - Payment terms - DLC, SBLC /100% Transferable, Irrevocable LC confirmed at sight, I ALSO ACCEPT NON-TRANSFERABLE. We do not accept advance payment, 100% SBLC, DLC, paid after SGS and bill of lading in your name, 110% safe, 2% performance guarantee.

Destination and delivery destination: CIF ASWP.

Delivery Terms: Specify the number of days necessary for shipment 30-45 days after receipt and acceptance of the Financial Procedures by the Seller's bank. Minimum order 12,500 tons up to 100,000 tons per month X12. SGS Quality Certificate SGS Quantity Certificate Certificate of Origin Phytosanitary Certificate, all Certificates.

Specifications: Type Suitable for human consumption Oil content Base 18.5%, 18.0% minimum Moisture 13.5% maximum Maximum splits 20% Protein 39% base Maximum color 2% Shell No shell Test weight 54 lbs/min/bushes 3% max Total Damaged Grain Foreign Matter Damaged Grains 2% Heat 0.5% Max Normal Maximum Normal Radiation.