Portland Cement

Supplier from Amsterdam - Netherlands

We represent three different factories. we can get the best price depending on the distance and the port of discharge. 25.000 - 50.000 TONS TYPE I/II PORTLAND CEMENT Low alkali content ASTM C150.

Quantity 25.000 - 50.000 tons, Full Vessel We can sell Fob Price U$D72.00/TON depending on the amount of Full Ship.
1- Origin: Egypt, Argelia, indonesia
2-Packaging: Jumbo Bag (1.5 Ton)
3- FOB Price (42.5 N Cement): $72 per Ton
4.- Form of Payment LC/ BLC 5.- Cement loading rate (7,000 Tm/Ton per day) Reference price Cif USD 115.00 -

It is important to know the unloading capacity of TON per day of the Port, for 50,000 tons. We have all the certifications and experience. We need to know your requirements and make you an offer according to your needs. Send us LOI or ICPO we return FCO.

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