Sugar Icumsa 45

White Refined Sugar Specification For Human Consumption Icumsa 45
The Sugar offered is 100 % suitable for human consumption.
Attenuation Index Units Methode # 10-1978
Ash Content; 0.04% Maximum by weight
Moisture; 0.04% Maximum by weight
Magnetic Particles; MG/KG4
Solubilty; 100% drying and free flow
Granulation; Fine standard
Polarization; 99.80.o Minimum
Max, AS; 1PPM SO max; 2 P.P.M.CU max;3 P.P.M.
Color; Sparkling white
Sediments; NONE
SO; mg/kg 20
Sugar Reducer; 0.010% Maximum in dry mass
Radiation; Normal without presence of cesium or iodine so2;cerified
Substance; Solid,Crytal
Smell; Free of any odor
Hpn Staph Aureus; per 1 gram
Microbiological Limits of NIL; Pathogenic Bacteria including Salmonella per 1 gram -NIL
Bacillus per 1 gram-NIL pesticide traits; Max.Mg/kg Bases DDT 0.005-Photoxin 0.01-Hexachloride-Gamma isomer 0.005
Crop; 2017 or newer
Phytosanitary certificate of crops without radiation ,without viruses,without parts of insects without rodents, without shell and without poisonous matter.The product is suitable for Human consumption.
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